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100 Tips for Acoustic Guitar book + CD

David Mead

Tips you should have been told, from 50 of the world's greatest guitarists. Whatever your taste in music, from Joni Mitchell to Sheryl Crow, James Taylor to David Gray, this is the invaluable handbook you need to help you get the very best from your instrument.

€ 32,00

12 Pop Exercises voor Elektrische Gitaar


€ 8,95

21st Century Rock

The series continues with this set of contemporary essentials from the best contemporary rock, punk and pop bands and personalities. Includes songs by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers and PJ Harvey, all arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar.

€ 32,20

Abba Gold for Classical Guitar


All the songs from ABBA's Greatest hits album arranged for Classical Guitar in notes and tab. Now you can play some of the greatest ABBA hits with these terrific transcriptions.

€ 28,80

AC/DC Anthology


Sixteen AC/DC classics transcribed in tablature and standard notation, with full lyrics and chord symbols. Includes 'Back In Black', 'Girls Got Rhythm', 'Highway To Hell', 'Given The Dog A Bone', 'Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution' and 'You Shook Me All Night'

€ 28,80

African Guitar Styles book + CD


This is the first practical guide to some of the most beautiful guitar music on earth. For this pioneering tour of some of the great musical styles, Sierra Leonean bandleader and composer Folo Graff draws on nearly twenty years' experience of teaching African guitar all over the world. In one volume, he brings together a huge selection of classic styles old and new from all over the continent, ranging from the desert blues of Mali through West African highlife and Afrobeat to Congolese rumba and soukous and South African township jive.

€ 27,45

Akkoorden voor de Gitarist

Happy Traum. The most useful guitar chords in every key diagrammed in three different positions. The first position is accompanied by a photograph.

€ 8,50

An End has a Start


All the songs from Editors acclaimed second album An End Has A Start, all carefully arranged for guitar tab, complete with full lyrics

€ 28,80

Basix Essential Licks book + CD

Includes blues, rock, country and hard rock styles--over 100 licks/riffs for live and studio performance. All licks are shown in standard music notation and TAB. These are scale and fingering patterns every guitarist needs to know. The CD includes all examples and solos.

€ 13,15

Basix Guitar Chord Dictionary book + CD

This handy resource illustrates 36 chords in each key with the most commonly used fingerings, along with chord theory such as intervals, chord structure, building chords and the circle of fifths. With the CD, which includes listening examples for all the chords and styles found in the book, examples of how to play different chords come to life in a variety of styles, such as bluegrass, blues, country, funk, heavy metal, jazz, R & B, reggae, rock and rockabilly

€ 13,95

Basix Rock Guitar Techniques book + CD

Includes detailed descriptions of everything from sweep-picking and tapping to hammer-ons, pull-offs and string skipping. Large, easy-to-read music examples are shown in standard music notation and TAB. The CD includes accompaniments for songs and exercises.

€ 12,95

Basix: Guitar Theory book + CD


Every guitarist can now enhance their knowledge of theory with this easy-to-use, workbook-format book. Note and rhythm reading, scales, chords and progressions are just some of the topics covered. Use this book alone or with any method. The recording includes accompaniments for songs and exercises

€ 12,95

Beginning Fingerstyle book + CD


If you've been inspired to begin playing fingerstyle guitar or are an experienced player wanting to enhance your knowledge, this book is the perfect place to start. Using standard music notation and TAB, the examples guide you through basic chord theory, modes, drop-D tuning, alternating bass and more. The CD demonstrates all the examples in the book. 96 pages.

€ 23,00

Best of Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani

14 fire-and-fury favorites from this master axe slinger's six albums. Includes: Always With Me, Always With You • Summer Song • Big Bad Moon • Satch Boogie • Ice 9 • Surfing With The Alien • and more

€ 21,95

Best of Megadeth Transcribed scores


This excellent collection in score format includes complete, note-for-note transcriptions (with tab) for every instrument part and all lyrics from 10 of Megadeth's heaviest hits: Crush 'Em • Hangar 18 • Holy Wars ... The Punishment Due • In My Darkest Hour • Mary Jane • Peace Sells • Skin O' My Teeth • Trust • Use the Man • Wake Up Dead

€ 27,45

Best of The Doors

The Doors

Seventeen classics from one of the greatest, most influential bands of the psychedelic era. Ray Manzarek's organ, Robbie Krieger's guitar and especially Jim Morrison's voice and poeticism combined to create a highly individual sound which captured the darker side of the Sixties drug experience.

€ 28,80

Big Hits of The Shadows

The Shadows

A collection of their best known numbers including 'Albatross', 'Geronimo' and 'Shot Gun'. Arranged for easy guitar

€ 22,00

Black Book transcribed scores


All new, note-for-note transcriptions (with guitar and bass tab) for all the instruments on all 14 songs from the 2002 best-of compilation by this extraordinarily influential band. Includes their recently released final recording “You Know You're Right,” and these huge hits from throughout their celebrated career: About a Girl • All Apologies • Been a Son • Come as You Are • Dumb • Heart Shaped Box • In Bloom • Lithium • The Man Who Sold the World • Penny Royal Tea • Rape Me • Sliver • Smells like Teen Spirit. Includes complete lyrics

€ 27,45

Blood Sugar Sex Magic

Red Hot Chili Peppers

All 17 songs from their smash hit album, including: Give It Away • The Power of Equality • Suck My Kiss • Under the Bridge • and more

€ 21,95

Brave New World

Iron Maiden

All the songs from the album arranged for voice and guitar with standard notation and tablature. Includes The Wicker Man, Ghost Of The Navigator, Brave New World, Blood Brothers and The Mercenary

€ 32,20
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