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A Hard Day's Night

The Beatles

This matching folio is now available again and re-issued with a new cover to coincide with the re-release of the digitally re-mastered classic album.

For piano, voice and guitar, with complete lyrics and Guitar chord boxes.

Completely re-arranged edition of songs from the film.

Includes 'And I Love Her', 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'Tell Me Why', 'I Should Have Known Better' and 'If I Fell'.


€ 17,60

50 Blues Basslines (Book/CD/DVD)

Martin Barnes

The motto in this tutorial is 'Gained in practice, for use in practice'! What awaits you here? No one- or two-bar riffs and licks, but complete chord progressions performed in the style of illustrious blues Guitar players such as Otis Rush, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Freddie King, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan or Magic Sam!

In the preliminary chapter of this tutorial you will first be taught how to piece basslines together in blues. This won’t only allow you to comprehend the 50 basslines presented here, but, in a second step, it will also enable you to create your own ones. For that you need to learn about structure, rhythm, arpeggios, scales, chromatic approaches ... in sum, to get to know blues by delving into it!

The DVD included in the tutorial offers you the possibility to mindfully observe all 50 basslines – first at actual playing speed, then at a slower speed. This again gives you the opportunity to closely follow the movement of the hands, to choose the right fingerings and keep a steady beat(!)

For its part, the MP3 CD is composed of as many backing tracks as there are basslines in the tutorial; the 50 backing tracks are recorded at two different tempi: the intended tempo (actual playing speed) and the rehearsal tempo (slower speed). On the backing track at actual playing speed the bass is only present during the first round, then it disappears, yielding the floor to you. The backing tracks provided here are of an appropriate length (about 4 to 5 minutes each, which sums up to almost 7h of musical practice). This means that you have enough time at your disposal to practice under the best conditions.

€ 39,10

A Pentatonix Christmas

kerst Jean Anne

This 2016 holiday release by a cappella pop sensation Pentatonix reached #1 on the Billboard« 200 album charts and includes two new original songs, Good to Be Bad and The Christmas Sing-Along. Our collection includes both of these songs plus 9 more in arrangements for piano, voice and guitar

€ 19,30

Diamanten-Sammlung - Filmmelodien


€ 12,90


Noordam, van der Lei, Haverkort


€ 39,50

First 50 Songs You Should Fingerpick On Guitar

Do you feel you've learned enough fingerstyle technique to start playing some real tunes? If so, this is the book for you.


€ 16,60

Guitar Recital

Joep Wanders

Guitar Recital bevat 15 composities en kan worden beschouwd als vervolg op Pro Tirando. De stukken kunnen zoals de titel aangeeft als een recital gespeeld worden door de wat gevorderde gitarist.

Alle stukken zijn op bijgeleverde CD te beluisteren. Als bonustracks zijn ook de 10 stukken uit Guitarra Fiësta BP 1585 opgenomen.
Het notenschrift wordt ondersteund met Tabulatuur.


€ 18,95

Strum & Sing

Ed Sheeran

This volume contains 15 songs by the Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran, all in simple 'strum and sing' arrangements with chords and lyrics.

Ed Sheeran: Strum & Sing includes the hits: The A Team, All of the Stars, Bloodstream, Don't, Drunk, Give Me Love, I See Fire, I'm a Mess, Kiss Me, Lego House, One, Photograph, Sing, Small Bump and Thinking Out Loud.


€ 14,30

The Beatles Antologia

The Beatles

Piano/vocal arrangements of 30 of the Beatles greatest hits in a truly remarkable collection.

€ 19,30

Triads for the Rock Guitarist

This complete guide to understanding and using triads for rhythm and lead guitar unlocks the mysteries of triads. It includes theory, practical advice, valuable tips, and tons of examples to get you playing rhythm and lead guitar with triads. Many styles are covered - rock, classical, reggae, metal, blues and more! The book includes online access to audio examples for download or streaming.

€ 19,30
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