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20 Duette in Swing und Beat



€ 13,90

7 Duets for saxophone


I originally started writing these duets with the saxophone in mind. After having played the first drafts with my saxophone students, I found myself wishing I could play them with my clarinet and flute students as well.To make a long story short, I altered some of the original keys so that any of the three woodwinds could play with each other. Alternate second parts in the saxophone book and flute book broaden the instrumentation to include tenor sax and alto flute.The level of the duets is medium to advanced and the styles are varied:Play with Me (dual meter swing), Mice ´n Rice (swing), Lilly´s Pad (waltz), Refried Dreams (5/4 shuffle blues), Fools Blues (Count Basie style riff blues), Blue By You (swing), Bossa Mississippi (samba)

€ 15,55

7 Duets tertium non datur


7 duets for alto and tenor saxophone. Swing, Blues 1 (Boogie), Bop, Latin, Ballad, Kwela, Blues 2.

€ 15,55

8 Duos on Early American Jazz Classics

Mike Curtis

A Souvenir of GuanajuatoI. Plaza del Baratillo (Plaza of the Cheapskate)Around a Florentine fountain given to the city by the Emperor Maximilian, every day is a bartering market day, and the Cheapskate could be the merchant or the customer.These well-loved tunes have been around for a long time. Perhaps the oldest is Nobody Knows the Trouble I´ve Seen, a Negro spiritual that may have been written by slaves. Others come from the latter half of the 19th century and from the turn-of-the-century era that produced the precursors of jazz. The unifying factor in selecting these particular tunes, apart from the fact that every American seems to know them, is that they have been constantly recreated by jazz performers, from the birth of jazz to the present day.There is an immediate link from the improvisor to the mood, structure, or chord structure (sometimes all three!) of these tunes that allows for a free-flowing personal variation on these timeless themes.Down By the Riverside was written in 1865. It´s hard to imagine how this tune went back then, because it´s had an unassailable swing ever since the jazz players discovered it. In this collection, the fourth chorus takes us back to the roots of jazz (à la Burlesca), with a suitable quotation of "There´s a Place in France."Little Brown Jug was written by J. Winner in 1869. The composer was well-named, as Glenn Miller had a mega-hit with this number in the 40s. Its jaunty syncopation sets up a lot of ready rhythmic interplay.Bill Bailey was a hit for Hughie Cannon in 1902. It has been one of the most recorded Dixie numbers of all time. The treatment in this book makes it a jazz march, with a Roaring 20s ending.Peg O´ My Heart is the youngest of the lot, written by Alfred Bryan and Fred Fisher in 1913. Although it predates the establishment of jazz per se, its elegant foxtrot beat and famous break have given it a permanent, popular place in the repertoires of countless lounge bands.A Tisket, A Tasket is a children´s song from 1879. It likely would have remained so, but for Ella Fitzgerald’s unforgettable 1938 recording. In this version, the saxes encounter a transposition to seven sharps, but for a sax player any number of sharps beats flats every time!Take Me Out to the Ballgame, from 1905, is the signature tune of baseball, "America´s pasttime". It gives an opportunity for an unorthodox little jazz waltz, with the development coming before the theme, and a use of hocket (hiccups) along the way (maybe from too many peanuts and crackerjack...).Nobody Knows the Trouble I´ve Seen is the aforementioned Negro spiritual. Nobody knows how old it is. Call and response and a shout chorus seem appropriate in this arrangement.Frankie and Johnny, from 1840, is perhaps an unlikely candidate for a jazz treatment. The lyrics, however, give us a clue, moving dramatically from "Oh Lordy, how they could love" to "but he done her wrong." This old tune gets the newest treatment in the book, with angular, modern lines in the fourth chorus.

€ 14,35

Afro Latin Sax Duets


für 2 Alt oder Alt und Tenorsaxophon

€ 20,35

Christmas Duets (Eb-instruments) book + CD

Alex Norman (kerst)

2 altsaxofoons/piano

€ 15,95

Classics for Saxophones 6 Canonic Sonatas and a Corcle Canon


For two Saxophones with the same tuning. Medium

€ 15,55

Concerto da Camera


Transcription des parties solistes pour saxophones soprano et alto de Londeix.

€ 14,00

Duo pour Deux Saxophones (soprane et alto ou ténor et baryton)


€ 15,50

Man met de Bolhoed


20 Duetten voor saxofoons

€ 10,95

Microjazz Saxophone Duets


Dieses Heft mit Microjazz-Duetten enthält rhythmisch orientierte Stücke in modernen Stilrichtungen mit ansteigendem Schwierigkeitsgrad. Vorschläge zur optimalen rhythmischen Begleitung stehen am Anfang jedes Stückes. Diese charakterisieren den rhythmischen Stil der jeweiligen Musik und können entweder gespielt oder (evtl. vom Lehrer) geklatscht werden.

€ 15,55

Promenade en Foret


€ 10,70

Saxophone Duets


An excellent collection from salsa to blues to bebop. Easy to medium.

€ 17,95

Sonate en Fa


2 gelijkgestemde saxofoons

€ 20,40

Sonate en Ré


2 altsaxofoons

€ 18,35

Strassenmusik a 2 heft 2


2 gelijkgestemde saxofoons

€ 11,90

Take Your Partner Alto & Tenor Saxophones

€ 7,50

The Best Saxophone Duet Book Ever!

A great collection of Saxophone duets in a variety of styles, suitable for the early grades 1-3. Selected and edited by Emma Coulthard.

€ 16,90

Van een Clown Geleerd


20 Duetten voor saxofoons

€ 11,95

10 easy Jazz Duets (Bb Instruments) book + CD

La Porta/Nielsen

10 Easy Jazz Duets, written by John La Porta with Greg Nielsen, contains jazz duets in a variety of styles. This unique book is compatible for performance with all instruments and is published with a CD of hip rhythm section backgrounds. In addition, the duets can be performed with a live rhythm section using the chord symbols provided in the C and Bass Clef editions. Not only is the book great for individual jazz practice for improvisation, articulation and phrasing, but it provides interaction with another musician or group with no limitation on the instrumentation. The duets are also very useful to the educator who may find it difficult to get a full band together.

€ 17,95
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