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100 Tips for Drums You Should Have Been Told book + CD


Throughout this book, exercises and music examples work in combination with the audio tracks on the CD to help develop your technique and guide you to new, more adventurous avenues of drumming, whether you're already in a band or starting out. Complete with words of wisdom from some of the greatest drummers of modern times, as well as a vital guide to setting up your kit in studio and live situations, 100 Tips For Drums contains everything you need to learn how to drum like the all-time greats.

€ 32,00

30-Day Drum Work-out


This enjoyable and challenging exercise routine will not only prepare you for the rigors of contemporary drumming, but it will sharpen your techniques as well. This versatile book includes warm-ups, sticking exercises, polyrhythms and more. Jam-packed with two complete 30-day exercise routines, the 30-Day Drum Workout will increase your coordination, stamina, finesse and sense of time.

€ 9,85

A Funky Primer


The finest material of its kind in the world, this excellent method book started a new contemporary teaching style for independence, rudiments, styles and more. A best-selling, progressive encyclopedia of rock/funk patterns for all tempos.

€ 12,95

Absolute Beginners: Drums book + CD

Budding drummers start here with this terrific tutor pack, telling you everything you need to know from the very first time you pick up your sticks. Check out the CD containing audio versions of the exercises in addition to full-length accompaniment tracks for you to play along with.

€ 15,20

Advanced Funk Drumming book + CD

Jim Payne

Written and produced by funk drumming specialist Jim Payne and recommended by drumming greats Peter Erskine, Stanton Moore, Steve Smith, Zoro, and Bill Stewart, this multimedia package combines a wealth of practical ideas with modern technology to make it easier and more intuitive for drummers to learn new grooves and an essential drumming style. It includes a book with fully notated transcriptions and tips plus two DVDs with more than 200 QuickTime video and MP3 audio clips. In creating this package, Payne composed and video-recorded the grooves before transcribing them. The first half of the book, Sections 1 through 14, is organized in a sequential manner; moving from simple grooves to more advanced permutations. Sections 15 through 21 present additional patterns in a more organic and sometimes random progression. To further facilitate the “multi-sensory” learning process, many of the beats are shown in both slow and fast versions. The speed of video loops can be further reduced using the standard software in QuickTime, which is very helpful for teachers and students. Although Payne has included beats that support the development of specific techniques that are required to correctly and comfortably perform contemporary funk drumming patterns, another progressive aspect of the project is its relative lack of purely technical exercises. Author Jim Payne has played, recorded and taught drums for many years and is the author of several books on the subject of funk drumming, including Funk Drumming, The Complete Book of Funk Drumming, The Great Drummers of R&B, Funk & Soul, and 100 Famous Funk Beats.

€ 27,50

African Rhythms for drumset book + CD


The rhythms and bass lines of Bikutsi, Mbala, Mangambeu, Ekang, Ashiko, Makossa, Tchamassi, and Makassi are notated here as one could hear them played throughout Cameroon and other regions of Africa.

€ 23,95

Afro-Caribbean Grooves for Drumset book + CD

Jean-Philippe Fanfant

Endorsed by Peter Erskine, Horacio Hernandez, Mark Walker, etc. Over 100 grooves from ten Caribbean nations, arranged for the drumset. Text in both English and French. Includes CD with audio examples of each rhythm, plus a video of the author demonstrating 10 of the grooves. Jean-Philippe is the co-leader of the band Sakisho, featuring Andy Narell, as well as having recorded over 300 CDs with musicians like Kassav, Angilique Kidjo, Le Grand Michant Zouk, Mario Canonge, Ralph Thamar, Zic Band, Beethova Obas, Edith Lefel, Touri Kunda, Tony Chasseur, Philippe Lavil, and Tania Maria.

€ 27,50

Afro-Cuban Drumming book + CD


Glen Caruba is a talented percussionist who has worked with Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, Bruce Hornsby, Arturo Sandoval, and others. His comprehensive guide to traditional and contemporary styles of Afro-Cuban drumming will start the beginner out right and help professionals come up with new rhythms and ideas in this increasingly popular genre.

€ 21,95

Afro-Cuban Grooves for Bass and Drums book + CD

Goines, Ameen

Designed for drummers and bass players, this book/CD lays out a step-by-step approach to combining Afro-Cuban rhythms with rock, funk and jazz.

€ 32,95

Afro-Cuban Rhythms for Drumset book + CD


An introduction to Afro-Cuban rhythms, including the history, traditional instruments and basic styles of Afro-Cuban music. The book explores the complexities of these various styles in a simple, understandable way. The companion audio is invaluable to anyone interested in adapting these rhythms to the drum set.

€ 29,65

All about Congas book + CD


In-depth coverage of popular percussion instruments, including history, tuning, maintenance, techniques, exercies, ensembles, and more, from a world-renowned educator and performer, Kalani. Each book comes with an enhanced CD featuring additional multimedia content, including demonstrations of all rhythms and techniques and tuning instructions.

€ 22,95

All about Jembe book + CD


All About Jembe serves as a general guide for anyone who wishes to explore the many aspects of this instrument. Covering history, tuning, technique, exercises, ensembles, and more, All About Jembe provides you with all the information you need to start playing now!

€ 19,75

Bass Drum Essentials for the drumset book + CD


Bass Drum Essentials for the Drumset is a unique book exploring bass drum technique and its usage in a variety of musical styles. All of the strengthening exercises, combination studies and coordination studies may also be applied to the double bass drum as well. The enclosed CD contains many examples of the beats and musical excerpts, as well as play-along tracks and tempo tracks, providing a musical framework for students to input their own ideas. Get off on the right foot with Bass Drum Essentials for the Drumset!

€ 22,95

Beginning Drumset book + CD


This book starts with an introduction to the parts of the drumset, sticking techniques, snare drum rudiments, accents, dynamics and reading drumset music. Techniques that develop ideal coordination for playing drumbeats are explained in a fun, step-by-step manner, so that by the end of the book you can play drum fills, sixteenth-note bass drum beats and dotted-eighth-note rhythms. Students, teachers and self-taught players alike will enjoy this thorough, easy-to-use method.

€ 22,95

Beginning Steel Drum book + CD

Othello Molineaux

A complete method for learning to play lead steel drum. World-renowned steel drum artist Othello Molineaux has developed a concise method for the novice or experienced musician. Perfect for individual study or classroom use, this method comes complete with an accompaniment CD and a full-size practice poster.

€ 18,65

Bongos Congas

Ludin Hakim

€ 19,70

Brazilian Percussion Manual


This manual introduces the percussionist to Brazilian instruments, rhythms, techniques and history. Includes complete applications for the drumset and two model pieces (with full score) for ten or more players.

€ 14,95

Brazilian Rhtyhms for Drumset book + CD

A solid and extremely valuable guide to applying traditional Brazilian rhythms to drum set. It delves into the complexities of Brazilian rhythms and also helps explain the background and influences of the rich musical history of Brazil. Includes samba, partito alto, bossa nova, baiao, caterete, maracatu, marcha, frevo.

€ 32,95

Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset and Percussion book + CD

Alberto Netto

Spice up your percussion rhythms and grooves with this book/CD pack by Brazilian native Alberto Netto! Learn to play the most popular and influential Brazilian rhythms on both traditional percussion instruments and on the drum set. The vital techniques and styles covered include: hand percussion; Samba; Forro; Carnaval rhythms; Afro-Brazilian rhythms; sacred music and more. Includes a glossary of Brazilian Portuguese terms and instruments, and a CD to help both the novice and experienced player perfect this rhythmic language

€ 32,95

Cajon, Progressive Etüden

Torsten Pfeffer

Die erste umfassende Sammlung von Spielstücken für Cajon! 120 Seiten voller Etüden für Solo- und Duospiel. Inhalt u.a. Double Stroke, Floating Hands, Flam/Ruff, Summariums, Groove Etüden, Spielstücke bzw. Etüden für Solo- und Duospiel. Text in Deutsch und Englisch. Mit Cajon - Progressive Etüden erscheint ein Buch, das jeden ambitionierten Perkussionisten neugierig machen sollte. Wer bereits erste Erfahrungen mit diesem vielseitigen Instrument gesammelt hat, bekommt hier das Material für eine schnelle Weiterentwicklung. Der renommierte Cajon-Spezialist Conny Sommermeint: »Bumm-Tschack kann jeder. Jetzt gibt es auch etwas für die, die mehr wollen.« Ob Taktwechsel, Fußbegleitung, Simultanspiel oder Polyrhythmik: In auskomponierten Spielstücken für Solo- und Duobesetzung vermittelt Autor Torsten Pfeffer (32) dem Leser zahlreiche Facetten der modernen Perkussion und Rhythmik und schärft die Sinne für musikalische Zusammenhänge. Zudem werden neue Schlagtechniken erschlossen, die Klang und Einsatzmöglichkeiten des Instrument erheblich erweitern.

€ 25,40
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