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Accents and Rebounds for the Snare Drummer


€ 12,10


Gert Bomhof

€ 17,00

Fundamental Studies for Snare Drum


€ 16,45

London College of Music: Snare Drum grades 1-2

€ 14,25

London College of Music: Snare Drum grades 3-4

€ 15,10

Masterstudies volume 2

Joe Morello

Like Master Studies, this is a workbook of material to use in developing the hands for drumming. Challenging exercises encourage students to learn slow, sensible and accurate practice techniques.

€ 16,45

Modern classic solos for snare drum

A compilation of short concert snare drum solos, recently discovered from the archives of the Saul Goodman estate. Under the supervision of Anthony J. Cirone, these solos have been engraved and edited to meet the standards of today's percussionists. The 32 etudes will challenge and help develop a better understanding of musicianship in today's contemporary player. An instant classic collection which can be easily used for auditions, recitals, and juries.

€ 14,25

Portraits in rhythm


One of the classic snare drum books in print today! This publication presents the reader with challenging and stimulating material for the intermediate and advanced percussion student. Contains 50 musical solos and brief performance notes.

€ 14,30

Portraits in Rhythm 50 Studies for Snaredrum


Twelve etudes from the world-renowned book Portraits in Rhythm have been arranged and transcribed from the original snare drum etudes with a specific concept in mind for drumset. Each etude includes performance notes and transcriptions and is recorded on the accompanying CD. Those who are familiar with the Portraits series will find these solos challenging yet rewarding, perfect for recitals, auditions, and juries.

€ 16,45

Rudimental Snare Drum Grooves book + CD

Lane, Walker

This dynamic guide is a creative and methodical array of hot, grooving, dexterity-building, rudimental exercises. Each series of grooves is divided into seven sections that are one-hand, single-stroke, diddle, flam, drag, roll, and rudiment combinations. Rudimental Snare Drum Grooves is intended to serve as a bridge between beginning and more advanced player methods. This method enables you to approach each rudiment as a rhythmic study, allowing for a more groove-driven sound while performing rudiments. The accompanying CD provides professionally performed demonstrations of all the grooves shown in the book.

€ 18,70

Snare Drum for Beginners


Exercises and studies for basic orchestral and ensemble playing. Includes rudiments to strengthen both hands and improve reflexes while developing rapid stick technique. Includes 24 exercises for the student and 24 duets for the student and teacher.

€ 8,75

Snare Drum Play-Along book + CD

Joe Cox

Learning drum rudiments is essential for every drummer, but just practicing with a pad or a snare drum, speeding up then slowing down in the traditional method, can become a bit tedious. This book has been designed to help intermediate and advanced drummers develop rudiment speed with play-along tracks that start slowly, accelerate, then slow back down. But what sets it apart from other rudiment books is musical grooves, in a number of different styles, which help the drummer to hear the sticking patterns. The melodies in the tracks mirror and/or compliment the left and right hands of the rudiment. This book and the accompanying play-alongs will motivate any drummer to work longer and become better at rudiments because they make practice fun!

€ 16,90

Studien für Kleine Trommel heft 1, Elementarübungen


€ 15,55

Studien für Kleine Trommel heft 2, Akzentverschiebungen


€ 16,75

Studien für Kleine Trommel heft 3, Progressivetüden


€ 16,75

Studien für Kleine Trommel heft 4, Die Vorschläge


€ 16,75

Studien für Kleine Trommel heft 5, Der Wirbel


€ 16,75

Studien für Kleine Trommel heft 6, Etüden für 2-3-4 Kleine Trommeln


€ 16,75

The Modern Snare Drummer


From the editor of Modern Drummer magazine, this book is a collection of 38 solos designed to challenge both technical and reading skills for the intermediate to advanced snare drummer. Each solo is preceded by an explanation of its structure and highlights, with an emphasis on the more difficult sections of the piece. Also includes some suggested stickings, and a special section of 30 Preparatory Exercises.

€ 14,25

Übungen für Kleine Trommel


€ 23,70
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