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14 Easy Saxophone Quartets

Pascal Proust

De componist Pascal Proust kan bogen op een jarenlange ervaring als muzikant en muziekdocent. Zijn oeuvre omvat honderden composities voor de meest diverse instrumentaties. Hij schreef 14 Easy Saxophone Quartets voor saxofonisten die ongeveer twee tot drie jaar les hebben gehad, waarbij hij speciaal aandacht heeft besteed aan een makkelijk te volgen, aantrekkelijke muziekstijl. Daardoor zijn deze kwartetten ideale voordrachts- of wedstrijdwerken voor jonge saxofoonensembles.

€ 21,00

Groove Connection (alt sax) + CD

Klaus Dickenbauer

Klaus Dickbauer makes scales and blues scales for alto saxophone fun - his modern approach to elementary technique is an invaluable and highly effective training tool for developing improvisation skills.

In the previous edition, Klaus Dickbauer covered major scales, triads, and interval exercises - combined with groovy beats - in a fresh and contemporary way. He now continues his well-thought-out approach to scales with a concentration on Dorian, Mixolydian, pentatonic, and blues scales - the perfect tools for building first improvisation skills on the alto saxophone. Methodically sound exercises train patterns and motifs to equip the student with a sense of confidence and an appetite for learning the art of improvisation.

• The perfect warm-up for groups and ensembles
• Elementary studies for developing confidence and an interest in learning to improvise
• Groovy tunes and motifs are combined with proven and tested playing pieces to guarantee fun and a positive attitude
• Includes a Play-Along CD to help students become well-acquainted with the concept

The musical material is divided into three voices. This layout serves pedagogic purposes while facilitating ensemble playing. Voices can easily be doubled or switched in order to accommodate different ability levels and unite heterogeneous groups. The included CD provides the necessary drive while maintaining stability and authenticity - making this innovative volume even more effective.

The sheet music editions for other instruments (Flute, Violin, Recorder, Clarinet, Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone) can be freely combined and make various ensemble combinations possible. Click here for example videos and an overview of all available editions:

€ 17,95
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