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Basic Bass

John Richards

John Richards. The beginner's guide to playing bass using popular songs to explain the fundamentals. Note positions and rudiments taught with clear text, diagrams and photographs.

€ 13,50

Basix Bas Methode book + CD

€ 22,95

Basmethode boek 1 book + CD

Ed Friedland

De Hal Leonard Basmethode is bedoeld voor iedereen die pas begint met basgitaar spelen. De methode komt voort uit een jarenlange ervaring met basonderwijs aan alle leeftijdscategorieën en er zijn een aantal van de beste muziekpedagogische ideeën uit verschillende landen in verwerkt. Dit boek behandelt: stemmen • speelhouding • muzieknotatie • noten op de eerste 5 frets • eenvoudige baslijnen, patronen en ritmes • ritmes met achtste noten • speeltips en bijzondere technieken • meer dan 100 lekkere nummers, loopjes en oefeningen akkoordreeksen bestaan kun je als begeleiding voor de riffs, licks en solo‘s elders in het boek gebruiken.

€ 20,00

Complete Learn to Play Bass manual + 2CD


Contains everything needed to know about Bass playing. The book takes the student from beginner to professional level in all styles and techniques as well as teaching music theory in an interesting and practical way. The 2 CD's that come with the method features recordings of all the examples contained in the book. This excellent method represents an essential guide for Bass players at any level.

€ 22,95

Leer Jezelf Basgitaar book + CD


LEER JEZELF BASGITAAR is de eerste Nederlandstalige methode met een CD en bonus DVD. Basgitaar leren spelen ligt nu in ieders bereik. Met deze methode kun je bas leren spelen zonder les te nemen door middel van 10 eenvoudige oefeningen. Op de CD zijn alle voorbeelden te horen en op de bonus DVD kun je naast het beluisteren van de oefening ook duidelijk zien hoe iedere oefening gespeeld moet worden.

€ 22,95

Progressive: Bass Guitar book + CD + DVD

Turner, White

Specifically designed for students who wish to playbass guitar in a rock context. This book teaches licks incorporating modern rock and pop styles and shows you how to create your own bass lines. You do not need to read music to use this book. Special emphasis is placed on riffs, scales and arpeggios, techniques, music reading and theory as it relates to the bass guitar. The accompanying CD contains all the examples found within this book.

€ 22,95

Speel Basgitaar! Direct! book + CD

€ 21,00

Bas Gitaar voor Beginners (boek + CD)

Phil Mulford

nederlandse versie

€ 12,40

Basgitaar voor Beginners

Met deze gemakkelijk te volgen dvd voor basgitaar leer je stapsgewijs alles van je eerste oefeningen tot meespelen met professionele muziektracks! Engelse audio ondertiteld in het Nederlands, Grieks, Italiaans en Pools.

€ 20,50

Basgitaar voor Beginners book + CD

Learning to play bass guitar is now easier than ever before with Absolute Beginners: Bass Guitar. Each book in this fantastic series contains practical advice and tips covering everything you need to know about setting up, playing and maintenance. The accompanying CD contains demonstrations of the examples presented in this book. This is the Dutch language edition.

€ 14,75

Bass for Beginners Book + CD

This book takes the beginning bassist from the basics of buying their first bass through the basic fundamentals of bass guitar techniques. It is written in a step-by-step manner that allows you to advance at your own pace. Tablature, photos, diagrams and drawings make new concepts or techniques easy to understand. Written by an outstanding performer and educator, this is the beginner’s chance to study with the best. The CD demonstrates every example and provides play-along opportunities.

€ 19,95

Bass Today book + CD


A thorough method of instruction for bass guitar, you will get a thorough introduction to note reading and scales. Includes optional duets, favorite classical and folk melodies from around the world arranged for bass. Designed to be used simultaneously with "Guitar Today." Clear diagrams and photos included.

€ 21,95

Beginning electric Bass book + CD

Take your bottom all the way to the top. Apply the tools and techniques of the world's greatest players towards creating your own spectacular bass lines. Starts with a review of the basics then dives into building bass lines using scales, modes and chord progressions, concluding with advanced concepts like rhythm changes, tritone substitutions, and improvisation techniques. 96 pages each.

€ 24,95

De Allround Basgitarist 1



€ 14,00

De Allround Basgitarist 2



€ 14,00

FastTrack: Basgitaar deel 1 book + CD


€ 21,00

FastTrack: Basgitaar deel 2 book + CD


€ 21,00

Hal Leonard Bass Method complete edition

Ed Friedland

Special spiral bound edition containing Books 1, 2, & 3 of the Second Edition Hal Leonard Bass Method.

€ 16,45

Hal Leonard Bass Method complete edition book + 3CD

Ed Friedland

The critically acclaimed Hal Leonard Electric Bass Method – Second Edition in a handy composite edition! Contains 3 books and 3 CDs for Levels 1, 2 and 3.

€ 25,40

Hal Leonard: Bass Tab Method book + audio

This is the bass method students and teachers have been waiting for.
Learn the notes of the bass with riffs like Day Tripper and Stand by Me, reading rhythms and tab with classics by the Who and Red Hot Chili Peppers, fingerstyle and pick technique with songs like Roxanne and Low Rider and much more.
The method's unique, well-paced and logical teaching sequence will get students playing more easily than ever before and music from popular artists like the Beatles, Nirvana and Green Day will keep them playing and having fun.
The CD includes audio examples of each exercise.

€ 13,50
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