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20 Keyboard Pieces book + CD


First publication of the Purcell manuscript discovered in 1993, now held in The British Library, London Henry Purcell used this teaching manuscript to introduce the forms and keyboard techniques of his day edited by leading British harpsichordist Davitt Moroney, whose fascinating preface illustrates the collection’s background and importance includes five facsimile pages includes recording of all the pieces by Davitt Moroney on CD. ‘first-rate scholarly edition ... with copious historical notes, invaluable insights into performance practice issues, facsimile pages of the original and much else of interest ... piano teachers should acquire this very reasonably-priced publication without delay.’ Early Music Today Aug/Sept 2000 ‘It is fitting that the Associated Board should add this to their highly regarded series of examination and educational material. The publication marks a thoughtful venture into new territory, with a responsible approach that caters for all in a welcome and refreshing manner.’ Early Music May 2000 ‘A very readable and scholarly introduction ... five facsimile pages are both beautiful and illuminating ... erudite and thorough edition by Davitt Moroney’ Piano March 2000 ‘This collection should adorn the shelf of all self-respecting piano teachers.’ Sheet Music Spring 2000 ‘an absolute must for every teacher - not only for its musical value with hitherto unknown works by our great English genius but also for the edition itself with five facsimile pages from original MSS thus making it a work of unprecedented historical worth.’ Piano Journal, EPTA ‘Davitt Moroney provides an exemplary appreciation of how knowingly and skillfully Purcell put this collection together... Moroney’s commentary on notation, ornaments, and, especially, fingering is both historically reassuring and musically stimulating.’ Piano & Keyboard (USA)

€ 23,70

6 Suites


€ 13,30

8 Suites


€ 16,15

Alte Portugiesische Klaviermusik

€ 23,40

Apprendre a Toucher le Clavecin volume 1 book + CD

Richard Siegel

Un choix d'exercices et de pièces pour débutants en deux volumes

€ 37,45

Apprendre a Toucher le Clavecin volume 2

Richard Siegel

Un choix d'exercices et de pièces pour débutants en deux volumes

€ 27,75

Aylesforder Stücke


Diese Stücke sind der Sammlung "Stücke für Clavicembalo" von G.F. Händel, herausgegeben von W. Barclay Squire und J.A. Fuller-Maitland, entnommen. Die Herausgabe dieser Sammlung erfolgte nach Manuskripten, die der Musikbibliothek des Earl of Aylesford entstammen. Nach dieser Herkunft erhielten die Stücke durch den Herausgeber ihren Namen.

€ 17,40

Classical Keyboard Pieces for Beginners


€ 9,95

Drei Dutzend Klavierfantasien


€ 15,55

Early Keyboard Fingerings


A comprehensive Guide

€ 35,40

Six Fugues

Bach C.Ph.E.

€ 11,95

10 Canzoni a 4


Ottavio Bariola was a famous Milanese organist in the late 16th century. Only a relatively small number of his works is known to survive, among them a collection of ricercares and canzonas. The present edition offers a selection of ten pieces of the latter collection. In agreement with their genre the compositions are strictly polyphonic in structure. In this edition the works are included in a four-part setting with consistent part-writing. Due to their volume and grade of difficulty the pieces are not meant for concert hall performance in the first place but for enriching the repertoire of church organists and lovers of early music..

€ 5,40

12 Keyboard Pieces


Twelve Pieces from Musica Britannica, transcribed and edited by Thurston Dart

€ 10,45

15 Pieces


Newly transcribed and selected from The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book and Parthenia by Thurston Dart. Second, revised edition.

€ 10,75

18th Century Continuo Playing (A Historical Guide to the Basics)


In recent years, efforts to achieve interpretations that do justice to the criteria of “historical performance practice” have become de rigueur in the world of early music.

Not only has this affected the instruments and performance techniques used by soloists, it also impinges on the “musical foundation”: the accompaniment. In his figured bass tutor Jesper Bøje Christensen, a teacher at the Schola Cantorum in Basle , shows readers how to produce stylistically accurate figured bass realizations, whether written beforehand or improvised in performance. He has taken an unusual approach: the various figured bass manuals of the early eighteenth century – by Dandrieu , St. Lambert , Heinichen , Telemann and others – are clearly organized and logically structured and contain practical tips for playing from a figured bass. Christensen has put these sources together and added comments and written-out examples of his own.

In this way his tutor not only shows how musicians played at the time, but takes a further step of crucial importance: it succinctly summarizes the way figured bass was taught and studied, thereby creating models for players today.

€ 42,60

2 x 2 Sonatas



€ 16,80

300 Jahre Klaviermusik, Bachs Söhne (The Sons of Bach)


€ 5,40

300 Jahre Klaviermusik, Englische Virginalmusik (English Virginal Music)


€ 5,40

4 Susanas für Tasteninstrumente


4 Susanas oder Tentos über das Chanson "Suzanne un jour".

€ 19,20

46 Anfangsstücke

Bach C.Ph.E.

Mit diesen kleinen Stücken ist es auch dem Anfänger am Klavier möglich, einen wichtigen Begründer der heutigen Klaviermusik näher kennenzulernen. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach hatte die "46 Anfangsstücke" zu Lebzeiten als "Kurze und Leichte Clavierstücke mit veränderten Reprisen" (Wq 113 und 114) herausgegeben. Um den Einstieg zu erleichtern, folgt unsere Edition der vom Verleger Johann Carl Friedrich Rellstab 1788-1790 unter spielpraktischen Gesichtspunkten eingerichteten dritten Auflage.

€ 20,30
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