The Best Movie Themes Ever

Instrument piano
Bezetting piano
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My Father's Favorite (from SENSE AND SENSIBILITY)    
Neverland - Piano Variations In Blue (from FINDING NEVERLAND)    
Nicholas And Alexandra (Theme from NICHOLAS AND ALEXANDRA)    
Now We Are Free (from the DreamWorks film GLADIATOR)    
On Golden Pond (Main Theme from ON GOLDEN POND)    
Picnic (from the Columbia Technicolor Picture PICNIC)    
Raiders March (from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK)    
Ratatouille Main Theme (from Walt Disney Pictures' RATATOUILLE - A Pixar Film)    
Remembering Emilie, And Finale (from the Motion Picture WAR HORSE)    
River (from the Motion Picture THE MISSION)    
Riverside Walk (from WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING)    
Road To Perdition (from the Motion Picture ROAD TO PERDITION)    
Sayuri's Theme (from MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA)    
Somewhere In Time (from SOMEWHERE IN TIME)    
Spartacus - Love Theme (from the Universal-International Picture Release SPARTACUS)    
Star Wars (Main Theme) (from STAR WARS(R): EPISODE IV - A NEW HOPE)    
Test Drive (from the Motion Picture HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON)    
The Chairman's Waltz (from MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA)    
The Cider House Rules (Main Titles) (from the Miramax Motion Picture THE CIDER HOUSE RULES)    
The Clocks (from the Paramount Motion Picture HUGO)    
The English Patient (from THE ENGLISH PATIENT)    
The Firm - Main Title (from the Paramount Motion Picture THE FIRM)    
The Godfather (Love Theme) (from the Paramount Picture THE GODFATHER)    
The Guns Of Navarone (from THE GUNS OF NAVARONE)    
The Heart Asks Pleasure First (from THE PIANO)    
The John Dunbar Theme (from DANCES WITH WOLVES)    
The Ludlows (from TriStar Pictures' LEGENDS OF THE FALL)    
The Man From Snowy River (Main Title Theme) (from THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER)    
The Naked Gun From The Files Of Police Squad! (Theme from the Paramount Picture THE NAKED GUN FROM THE FILES OF POLICE S)    
The Promise (I'll Never Say Goodbye) (Theme from the Universal Motion Picture THE PROMISE)    
The Seduction (Love Theme) (from the Paramount Motion Picture AMERICAN GIGOLO)    
The Wings (from BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN)    
Theme From “Fatal Attraction” (from the Paramount Motion Picture FATAL ATTRACTION)    
Theme From “Jurassic Park” (from the Universal Motion Picture JURASSIC PARK)    
Theme From “Lawrence Of Arabia” (from LAWRENCE OF ARABIA)    
Theme From “Sabrina” (from the Paramount Motion Picture SABRINA)    
Theme From “Schindler's List” (from the Universal Motion Picture SCHINDLER'S LIST)    
Theme From “Terms Of Endearment” (from the Paramount Picture TERMS OF ENDEARMENT)    
Theme From Summer Of '42 (The Summer Knows) (Theme from SUMMER OF '42)    
Tubular Bells (Theme from THE EXORCIST)    
Waltz For Peppy (from the Motion Picture (YHE ARTIST)

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