Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Instrument zang
Bezetting Zang piano
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11 songs penned by Marc Shaiman for the London theatrical release of the musical adaptation of Roald Dahls childrens novel of the same name. This collection includes piano/vocal arrangements with the melody in the piano part. Songs: Almost Nearly Perfect • Doncha Pinch Me Charlie • If Your Mother Were Here • It Must Be Believed to Be Seen • A Letter from Charlie Bucket • A Little Me • More of Him to Love • Pure Imagination • Simply Second Nature • Strike That, Reverse It • When Veruca Says.



  1. Almost Nearly Perfect
  2. Don'Cha Pinch Me Charlie
  3. If Your Mother Were Here
  4. It Must Be Believed To Be Seen
  5. A Letter From Charlie Bucket
  6. A Little Me
  7. More Of Him To Love
  8. Simply Second Nature
  9. Strike That, Reverse It
  10. When Veruca Says
  11. Pure Imagination

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