2e Ballade

Instrument Piano
Bezetting Piano solo
Artikelnummer EMBZ12699

The New Liszt Edition (NLE) comprises ten series, the works being grouped according to genre and scoring. Series I (Works for piano solo) was completed as a joint publication of EMB and Bärenreiter-Verlag, Kassel, by 1985. From 1986 on, EMB continued to publish NLE alone, completing Series II (Free arrangements and transcriptions for piano solo) by 2005. In publishing Series I and II priority was given to the final version of the works: of earlier versions only those were published in the appendix that differed significantly from the final form. In 2005 a series of 15 supplementary volumes was launched with the aim of publishing earlier versions of the solo piano works that differ less substantially from the final form: mainly those published by Liszt himself, but also some that remained in manuscript. In special cases more extensive fragments are also published in the supplementary volumes

2e Ballade (Definitive version)
Appendix - 2e Ballade (Early version)

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