P!nk - Beautiful Trauma

Instrument zang
Bezetting pvg piano vocal guitar
Artikelnummer HL00255621

This 7th studio album from pop superstar Pink topped the Billboard® 200 album charts upon its release in 2017 led by the single “What About Us.” Our matching folio features this song and a dozen more for piano, voice and guitar: Barbies • Beautiful Trauma • Better Life • But We Lost It • For Now • I Am Here • Revenge • Secrets • Whatever You Want • Where We Go • Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken • You Get My Love.

  1. Barbies
  2. Beautiful Trauma
  3. Better Life
  4. But We Lost It
  5. For Now
  6. I Am Here
  7. Revenge
  8. Secrets
  9. What About Us
  10. Whatever You Want
  11. Where We Go
  12. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
  13. You Get My Love

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