Complete Bassoon Exam Recordings, from 2006

Uitgever ABRSM
Bezetting Fagot
Product type Cd
Serie ABRSM Exam Pieces
Genre Examen Materiaal
Pagina's 36
Gewicht 110
Jaar 2006
Artikelnummer 9781860966637
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SKU: 9781860966637
Recordings of selected pieces from the Grade 6 Bassoon Exam syllabus from 2006. An innovative and valuable resource for candidates preparing for ABRSM exams. Includes playalong practice tracks and complete performances of each piece. Features inspiring performances by internationally-known artists Adam Mackenzie and Helen Reid.


  1. Allegro from Sonata in B flat [Besozzi]
  2. Presto [Besozzi]
  3. Andante from Concerto no. 6 in B flat [Bond]
  4. Allegro Staccato [Corrette]
  5. Adagio from Sonata in A minor [B. Marcello]
  6. Allegro from Sonata in A minor [B. Marcello]
  7. Andante ma adagio [Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart]
  8. Largo from Sonata in E minor (RV 40, op. 14 no. 5) [Vivaldi]
  9. Allegro (con spirito) [Vivaldi]
  10. Larghetto [John Addison]
  11. Piece [Faure]
  12. Allegretto [Hurlstone]
  13. Moderato-vivace [Hurlstone]
  14. Ground Force [Jim Parker]
  15. Caliban [Alan Ridout]
  16. Aria, from Sonatine [Tansman]
  17. No. 3 from Fantasy Pieces [Derek Bourgeois]
  18. Study No. 29 [Concone]
  19. Study No. 31 [Concone]
  20. Study No. 12 [Ozi]
  21. Scherzo (bassoon) [Michael Rose]
  22. Study No. 11 [Julius Weissenborn]