Gitaar Starter deel 1

Componist Cees Hartog
Uitgever Alsbach Educa
Bezetting Gitaar
Product type Boek met cd
Taal Dutch
Pagina's 56
Gewicht 235
Artikelnummer ALB10651
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SKU: ALB10651

Guitaar Starter is a 2-part guide to the Classical Guitar in which all basic techniques are discussed from the very beginning. These techniques are gradually incorporated into the featured tunes to play and are always preceded by preparatory exercises. The 'DIY' style of this book makes it easier for beginning guitarists to teach themselves in their own time.

This series aims to acquaint the student with the different styles of Guitar music that are out there, including classical pieces, folk, blues and rock and more.

In addition to acquiring technical skills, providing students with a fun musical experience is the series' primary aim. Theprinciple is simple - if the student is enthusiastic about the pieces that they are playing, they will be motivated to practice diligently.