Componist Giuseppe Verdi
Uitgever Ricordi
Bezetting Vocal and Piano Reduction
Product type Piano-uittreksel
Serie Opera Vocal Score Series (Ricordi)
Genre Opera en Operette
Taal Italian
Pagina's 302
Gewicht 762
Jaar 2008
Artikelnummer CP 04231105
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Verdi's tenth Opera, Macbeth, had its premiere at the Teatro alla Pergola in Florence on 14 March 1847. That the composer himself had a high opinion of the work is confirmed both by his correspondence and by his dedication of the vocal score to his father-in-law, Antonio Barezzi.Seventeen years later, long after Macbeth had firmly established itself in the repertoiry of Italian and foreign theatres, Verdi agreed to revise the Opera for its first Paris production, at the Theatre-Lyrique on 21 April 1865. The revisions were far more extensive than he had initially anticipated, but the self-criticism he brought to the processindicated his continuing belief in the viability of the Opera. The Paris premiere of the revised version was not a success, and even after the publication of a vocal score of the 1865 Opera, many Italian theatres continued to perform the original version. Nevertheless, since Verdi considered the revisions definitive, Ricordi chose to market the 1865 version, which has thereafter always remained in the catalogue.