Maurice Vieux: Twenty studies for Viola

Componist Maurice Vieux
Uitgever Alphonse Leduc
Bezetting Viola
Product type partituur
Genre Studiemateriaal
Taal French
Pagina's 41
Gewicht 209
Artikelnummer AL17161
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Published in 1927, 20 studies for Viola is the most famous work by Maurice Vieux (1884-1951), a French violist. Composed for upper intermediate / advanced players, these twenty studies of two pages each will help to improve bow technique.

Most of the studies are dedicated to famous violists who won the First Prize of the Paris Conservatoire: Jean Gay, Etienne Ginot, André Jouvensal, Jacques Desestre, Denise Thoret, Pierre Pasquier, Robert Boulay, François Broos, Louis Artières, Mrs Crunelle-Martinet, Louis Chaaton, Alice Goninet, Jean Lefebvre, Albert Bernard, Jean Cauhapé, René Cézard,Suzanne Robin, Marcel Quattrochi, Emile Amette and Alice Merckel. Marcel Vieux was also a professor at the Paris Conservatoire and a soloist at the Paris Opera. The Maurice Vieux International Viola Competition was established in 1983.