Ultimate Beginner Xpress: Harmonica

Uitgever Alfred Music Publications
Bezetting Mondharmonica
Product type Dvd
Gewicht 102
Jaar 2005
Artikelnummer ALF00908108
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SKU: ALF00908108
The fastest way to teach yourself the Harmonica! Expert Harmonica pro David Hart begins with your first breathing patterns and notes, moving through simple melodies and rhythms as you find your way around the instrument. Once you've mastered the basics, its time to tackle those quintessential Blues techniques that will really bring your playing to life, including:
  • Chords and arpeggios
  • Bugle calls
  • Double stops
  • Vibrato
  • Train sounds
  • Shakes
  • Cross-harp style
  • 12-bar Blues

The pack also includes printable PDF reference materials and a guide to the different types of Harmonica available to choose from.